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Fun with chemistry!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

I love chemistry and I also love to teach! My son and I love to print out a chemical's structure then decorate them! We find it's a terrific way to learn what a molecule looks like and what it can do!

This one is one of my favorites - beta-Caryophyllene!

Beta-carophyllene is a member of the Sesquiterpene chemical family. Sesquiterpenes have 15 carbon atoms. The larger, heavier size of Sesquiterpenes decrease their volatility (evaporation rate). This allows aromatics rich in sesquiterpenes to have longer lasting aromas and longer shelf lives.

Beta-caryophyllene has several therapeutic benefits which include:

  • analgesic

  • local anesthetic

  • anti-inflammatory

  • anti-spasmodic

  • neuroprotective

Oils high in beta-Caryophyllene include

  • Copaiba,

  • Black Pepper

  • Ylang Ylang.

AromaSense Advanced Master helps understand the chemistry of aromatherapy by including tables for chemical families as well as individual chemical lookup. These tools help users identify properties and specifics while offering multiple ways to sort and filter the data providing many different ways to master the chemistry of aromatics. If you haven't purchased AromaSense 2.0 Advanced Master please check it out!

Here's an image of beta-Caryophyllene for you and your kids can illustrate it yourselves.

What's your favorite chemical? Maybe Max and I will illustrate it!

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