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What our customers are saying about AromaSense 2.0

"I love the ability to look up information about an oil without looking through all of my reference material or websites. All of the relevant information is right there at my fingertips in one place."

"AromaSense is the tool for beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals! It offers a central location for all of your safety and use information for essential oils and carrier oils. Having this information in the palm of your hand makes it possible to use essential oils with confidence. Comments regarding cost: Lynette, I feel very strongly that the fee for the basic should be the lowest possible. That will encourage users of all stages to choose this app. If it were possible to limit the information even more and have a third, more beginner tier, I would love to see it be free. Maybe the most commonly used EO information and a few carrier oils and the dilution calculator, so that they can get a taste of what's inside."

"I found AromaSense very easy to use and navigate. All the information that you need to make a wonderful blend for your client that's effective and safe. I would recommend AromaSense to others also."

"Is AromaSense a good tool for a beginner? Absolutely! You can learn about essential oils and carrier oils which will increase your confidence in your own skill to improve and support your wellness and those you love."

"I think this is a beautiful integration of the basic information that a person would need to be able to use essential oils effectively and safely in their home use. For the professional, it's a great reminder of the basics as well...keeping us focused on safety and proper use."

What are some favorite features?

"I love the depth of information and the different views available."

"My favorite feature is the ability to search for what I need i.e. therapeutic properties or chemistry."

"I like the ease of navigation with the menu tabs and the eye-catching pictures on the Aromatics cards in Gallery view."

"I like the possibility of being able to sort by the different columns, search for specific terms in the conditions lists and being able to export the lists once you've filtered them."

"I just love how easy it is to find the information that I'm needing at the click of the mouse. I didn't actually download it to my phone, but used it on my desktop as I tested the app."

"The fact that there's so much info in one place instead of searching and searching for the info needed. Also, the carrier oils being available really helped out. I'm extremely happy with it."

What are some favorite uses?

"I will use it in my teaching classes or live during q and a for quick reference."

"As a reference when I am blending for clients and to learn more about oils I am not as familiar with."

"To synthesize the info for each oil that I use as I build and review my materia aromatica knowledge."

"I will use it to quickly find out the accepted properties of different essential oils from the compiled sources, rather than having to look up the properties in each book myself."

"I will use AromaSense as a way to keep the basic information housed in one central location. I also love that I can keep track of my vendors, purchase price, date, etc."

"To help me choose essential oils for my clients based on their needs because it has all the information to help me make a better product for them. When choosing which carrier oils would complement the essential oil blend while helping my client with their needs. To check all safety info to ensure my choices are safe and effective. Aromasense will help me to be a better aromatherapist!"

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