What’s the difference between Basic and Advanced AromaSense?

Basic AromaSense includes:

  • Aromatics table – 143 Essential oils, CO2’s and Absolutes with 23 fields of information

  • Carrier Oils – 39 Carrier Oils including CO2’s with 14 fields

  • Dilutions Calculator – makes creating blends a snap

  • Misc – use this table to collect all your aromatherapy information

  • Botanical Families – includes 20 of the most common botanical families used for aromatherapy

  • Lookup Tables for Therapeutic Properties, Vendors, Synergies


Master AromaSense has all of the content in Basic with the addition of fields and tables to help you master essential oil chemistry

  • Table Chemical Families lookup

  • Table Chemical Lookup 67 most common constituents

  • Aromatics Table adds

    • Primary Chemical Families

    • Primary Constituents

    • Aromatics Supporting References

You can learn more by watching this video tour of both versions of AromaSense, or learn about all the Features and Uses here.

You can also watch our Welcome Tour to show you around the app.

Is this a subscription or a one-time purchase?

This is a one-time purchase – no subscription fees!

How do I decide which version to choose?

Here is a short video that may help you decide which version is right for you.

If you just want researched information and guidance to use essential oils safely choose Basic.

If you are a curious avid learner, student, educator or just passionate about aromatherapy, and want to understand the chemistry of essential oils, choose Advanced

Can I use it on my phone or tablet?

Absolutely! The Airtable platform is cloud based so it's accessible on any device with an internet connection.

Can I change the tables, add/edit records?

Yes you can! You’ll first create your own account at airtable.com. Then use the link sent from the AromaSense Welcome email with instructions to make your own copy.

Here's a video showing how easy it is to create your AromaSense base.

Can I sort the oils?

Yes! You can sort any table using any field!

This webpage will get you started.

Can I filter records, like show only oils for anxiety?

Of course!

Here you’ll find a guide to using filters.

Can I export or print a record or group of records?

You sure can! Here are a few articles that will help.

Can I add my own records/information?

You sure can! AromaSense is completely customizable from changing wording in a field, adding new fields, rearranging fields, adding new tables, anything you can think to do in AromaSense, you can!

Can I create different views/my own views?

With the FULL version, you can create any number of views you want.

You’ll find a Guide to Views here.

Can it track my purchases?

Yes! You can add them directly to the Purchases table, or start with the Aromatics or Carriers tables and use the Purchases link field in the record.

Here’s an instructional webpage to help you.